The Difference Between White Magic And Santeria Spells

There is a usual discussion when it comes to magic, such as the white magic versus black magic. However, there are also some magic or spells or practices that may also correspond or considered as white magic. But first, what is white magic?

White magic is considered as the use of magic or supernatural powers for selfless reasons. Those who practice white magic are called with the use of several terms: wise men or women, white witches or wizards, and even healers. Most of the modern day practitioners are said to have acquired the knowledge of white magic as it has been passed through generation.

Santeria spells, on the other hand, has been passed through the generation and is still practiced if you are a member of the Santeria religion. Santeria is a religion known to be practiced in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Columbia and Panama. Though Santeria is not only limited to the countries mentioned, in 2001, there is an approximate of 22000 people in the United States alone that is under the Santeria religion. Usually, in the Santeria spell, this is also selfless and intends to do no harm to other people, either within the same religion or not. The common Santeria spells used are love spells, protection spells, money spells, sex spells and even success spells. Their spells are all connected to nature and there are some people who practice this that has mastered the art of controlling spiritual forces to empower the spells cast.

Primarily, white magic is more of the unselfish spells done with good intention same as the santeria spells. Though, Santeria spells are more focused spells as they involved practices that were passed from one generation to another for a long time. There are also claims that Santeria spells have higher success rates and there are even testimonies uploaded.