Kim Dao’s Secrets For Natural Makeup

Kim bears a ton of secrets for achieving a natural makeup look.
All these begin with a single step; that step has to do with skin care. Perhaps, what distinguishes Kim’s skin care and makeup routines is the fact that these are patterned to the environment- weather, temperature, humidity. Depending on the weather’s turnabout, she shifts from one makeup product to the next. Such knowledge on the best products for her skin vis a vis the weather ultimately elevate her in the ranks. Her command and expertise perhaps makes her one of the most sought beauty gurus in YouTube.

Her secret tips are:

  • Her secret tips include the application of Skinfood Watery Berry Emulsion. A product by Skinfood, the Water Berry Emulsion remains one of her most favorite skin care product. She recommends application of the product three times a day: once late in the morning, early in the afternoon and later in the evening before going to bed. When you apply this in the face, you are bound to have rejuvenated skin so that it will not react harshly to makeup. As a result, your makeup will appear natural.
  • Her second secret tip includes the application of Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum. The Serum tightens the skin, making it smooth and glossy. Despite the heavy makeup, the facial skin will stay in its own glow, blending in with the whole mask. The product can work effectively if you wash your face before application. The highlight of her routine involves massaging the face with the Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum.
  • Her third and last secret tip is the application of the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. This product maintains the nourishment of your facial skin, thus keeping it toned for any makeup application to name.

These, among many other secrets, make Kim Dao a most trusted beauty expert in the social media platform. Check out more about Kim and her fiancé in her Instagram channel, kimdaoblog”!