Is Payoneer A Bank?

Banking has become easier especially with the massive growth of online payment services. What’s good about this service is that everything can be done through your mobile device. You can load up your account from anywhere even with a different currency. You can even use your account from anywhere in the world. The purpose of subscribing to Payoneer is that it makes your life easier and your transactions faster.

With the touch of your hand, you can have the freedom to save and spend your money. With one account, you can make purchases in physical stores and online. So, you can say that payoneer is like a reloadable online wallet that hardly has any restrictions. It’s a service that’s practical and useful. Having an account opens up new ways to view banking and doing payments in general.

Cashless Payments
The good thing about Payoneer is that you can use it anywhere. If you avail of the personal card, you can pay for items using your account without any hassle since you don’t have to take any cash with you. This can also work for paying for online goods and services. Wherever MasterCard is accepted, you can use your payoneer card whether in-store or online.

As long as the currency that you are paying matches the one on your account then the total amount has no commission. However, if the currencies differ then the amount of conversion will be deducted from the account.

Online Transactions
You can send and receive money from anywhere to your account. These transactions can be tracked online in your Payoneer account. For freelancers and entrepreneurs, this can be a good way to keep track of your expenses and make sure the payments arrive in your account on time. You can also withdraw from different banks using your personal Payoneer card instead of carrying a big wallet with you. So you aren’t tied to any specific bank or location whenever you pay and use this service.